Trahlyta Falls

As a personal project I plan to photograph as many waterfalls and scenic hiking areas in North Georgia as I can in the next decade. This area is known in Indian lore as the land of a thousand waterfalls. Fortunately many are preserved in the Chattahoochee National Forest and are fairly easily accessible. Water has always been a draw for me and even a deafening waterfall some how is peaceful. The rocks and trees are also great reminders of strength and solitude.  trahlyta_falls_ii_small

Trahlyta falls is located on Hwy 19 in Vogel State Park. Its an easy walk around the lake then down the path near the spillway. The landing platform is nearly at the bottom of the falls. This image was taken on a misty day with a bit of brightness in the sky creating a great deal of contrast. I metered on the water and rocks to right and shot the average but had to add time for reciprocity.

Technical Info

Ikeda Anba 4×5 FP4+ (iso 125), Schneider 65mm, f32, 3 seconds to get the water flowing effect.

Processed with Kodak HC-110 Dilution B (1:31) for 7.5 mins in a SP445 tank. Probably could have run longer but the negative is thick enough.

Prints easily between Grade 2  and 2.5 with 20% burn at top to reduce the sky flare.

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