Upper Desoto Falls

The Desoto Falls campground and trail has become one of my favorite spots lately. Frogtown creek at the campground level is a rock filled creek with plenty of composition opportunities. The 3/4 mile hike to Upper Desoto Falls is relatively easy and has a good viewing platform. The sound of the rushing water is very […]

frogtown_creek_III Frogtown Creek III

Shortly after I made the Frogtown Creek II image I wandered downstream to where I had previously shot Frogtown Creek I. But I was on the other side of the creek and had to work my way down the bank, over a fallen tree and under a rather gnarly vine to perch on a narrow […]

Helton Creek Falls

I found a couple of negatives I shot 2 years ago stashed in a box of rejects. I may have initially thought these negatives too contrasty or improperly processed. However in the darkroom I was able to pull out the details using split grade printing and a bit more skill than I had in the […]