Photo journal

While I try to write something in this blog about my photographic journey and discoveries frequently, I find there are things I think about that I do not wish to share publicly or necessarily chronicle here. So in the style of Edward Weston, I have started a Journal/Day book where I can write more freely, express my “artistic thoughts”, plan future endeavors, note mistakes and corrective actions, and scribble whatever else comes to mind. I spend several hours a week on continuing education about photography, often learning about things I will never have the opportunity to try, but it expands the mind. The journal gives me a private space to work things out. I will keep this blog for displaying my work and to write about my experiments so that others may have a resource as long as the site lives.

I once created a website for sailing enthusiast to keep their travel journals online which had both shared and private modes. Perhaps one day I may do the same for photographers. I would appreciate any feedback you may have about creating an online vs paper journal. Use the comments below or send me a message via contact page.

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