Frogtown Creek III

Shortly after I made the Frogtown Creek II image I wandered downstream to where I had previously shot Frogtown Creek I. But I was on the other side of the creek and had to work my way down the bank, over a fallen tree and under a rather gnarly vine to perch on a narrow rock to shoot roughly the same scene but about 10 feet to the right and slightly down stream. I was able to capture the rocks on the other side that I had stood on to take the first shot. The texture of the tree roots and rocks is what I was trying to emphasize which is nicely contrasted against the smoother flowing water. The light was from early morning so not much contrast but enough to darken the shadows under the rocks. I’ve enjoyed shooting this creek and will explore it more in the years to come. Your feedback is welcome.

Chamonix 4×5, FP4+ EI 100, f22, 14seconds ( extra stop added moving shadows from zone III to IV), EV range 5-9, 180mm lens. Processed in Pyrocat HD for 27 minutes.
Printed 8×10 Ilford Multigrade Fiber Warmtone Glossy. Excellent candidate for toning.


A much lighter print toned with Nelson’s gold toner 15 minutes. 8×10 Ilford MGFB Warmtone.

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