Frogtown Creek II Split Toned

After my toning experiments I decided to split tone the Frogtown Creek II image. I think I went a little too far with bleaching so turned the whole image brownish rather than just warming the faintest highlights. But I do like the results and it is different than the untoned version. The print was a bit lighter than the final prints and had a bit more contrasts so it was a good candidate to determine if split toning improves a print in such a case. I’ll let you be the judge, your questions and feedback are welcome using the comment section below or Contact page if you want to send an email.

Toning proceedure: Presoak 5 minutes, Dilute reducing bleach for 45 seconds until leaves at top became white-ish, wash 5 mins, Thiourea mix 50 ml Thiourea + 50 ml Sodium Hydroxide +1000 ml Water 2 minutes, wash, fix with TF5 fixer, wash 5mins, dilute selenium 1:20 for 2 mins, wash. Note the Thiourea and Sodium Hydroxide were premixed as 10% solutions.

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