Printing 35mm vs 4×5

When I first began taking images I used 35mm gear and printed them using a 35mm enlarger on 8×10 paper. My setup was small enough to fit in an apartment bathroom with the enlarger by the sink and the trays in the bathtub. It wasn’t too difficult to set up due to the dedicated enlarger […]

Graphlex Optar 90mm W.A.

I feel I have a curse when it comes to shooting 90mm. Either the lens is not wide enough, the shutters acts up, or other problems abound. Despite having my Schneider Super Angulon 90mm shutter cleaned twice it still sticks at 1/2 and 1 second speeds. So I purchased a used 90mm  (3.5″) Graplex Optar […]

EV Exposure Chart

Often when I am metering a scene I record the EV values low and high and determine where to place them on the zone system scale. I usually use the average EV function of my meter and place it on f22 or higher as a starting point. Many of my scenes are shot in wooded […]

2017062_AT_mushroom_in_fallen_tree First shot on the Chamonix 4×5

Details of the Appalachian Trail – Mushrooms in fallen tree. In a previous post I mentioned shooting with a fellow LF’er at the Byron Reese trail on the AT. This was also my first outing with the Chamonix 4×5 04N2 camera. We had barely begun to walk the trail from the parking lot when I […]

Ikeda Anba vs Chamonix 04N2 4×5

When I began my adventure into large format photography  I started with a big heavy Calumet metal C400 4×5 and learned quickly I did not want to travel very far with it. For a brief time I was able to use a Shen Hao 4×5 wood field camera which I really liked. My first wooden field […]

My Tiny Darkroom

My first darkroom was a temporary setup in my apartment bathroom with a sheet of plywood over the sink and trays in the tub. It was cramped and kept me bent over so would get backaches. Fast forward 20 years and I took a class at an arts center about 20 miles from home which […]

My 4×5 Ikeda Anba

My Ikeda Anaba 4×5 with its Schneider 180mm lens.   Update July 2017 – sold and replaced with a Chamonix 04N2.  See pictures and a review  HERE