Nelson’s Gold Toner – First Impressions

This week I received the one liter Nelson’s Gold Toner kit from Photographers Formulary.  I opened it on Friday and read the mixing instructions. They were a bit daunting so I waited until Saturday afternoon when I knew I could mix the kit uninterrupted.  The first part of the solution is mixed at 125 degrees […]

Field exposure and printing notes

Over the last couple of years I have been taking field notes on a custom 3×5 card rather than using a notebook. 1 card per 4×5 shot allows me to capture all the information about the exposure I need to remember or use for printing later. I have refined this card over time and today […]

Frogtown Creek II Split Toned

After my toning experiments I decided to split tone the Frogtown Creek II image. I think I went a little too far with bleaching so turned the whole image brownish rather than just warming the faintest highlights. But I do like the results and it is different than the untoned version. The print was a […]

Thiourea Toning Tests Continued

Today I decided to run some more toning tests. Instead of working with a scenic image I chose to make a sort of step wedge though not very precise.  I exposed an 8×10 sheet 1 second at a time moving a cardboard sheet down the page until I hit about 12 seconds which was more […]

DesotoFrogTownCreek_splitToned Split Toning First attempt

Over the last few weeks I have been trying my hand at Toning with Thiourea (Sepia) and Selenium on different papers. This thanksgiving day weekend gave me some extra time to try Split Toning with both. And as luck would have it my mentor Steve Sherman put out a video on his toning technique along […]

Toning with Espresso

Continuing experimentation with toning or in this case staining I decided to see what soaking an image in espresso would do. While I let one of my test prints pre-soak in about 75* water for 5 minutes, I ran a double shot portafilter full of freshly ground espresso through 4 cycles which gave me about […]

Testing LPD vs PF106 part II

In a previous article, I explored the differences of two paper developers on 3 different papers and found there was little difference in the tonality based on developer.  There were differences in exposure time required to achieve max black  and some differences in shadow detail but I can not attribute all of that to […]

Review: Ilford Multigrade Developer

Since I use mostly Ilford multi-grade papers I decided to try out the Ilford Multigrade developer. It is similar in chemical make up to LPD, being a Hydroquinone + EDTA acid, so I did not expect much difference. The developer comes as a liquid concentrate and is mixed 1:9 or 1:14. Working solution should last […]

Review: Bergger Prestige Variable CB Warm

In my recent experiments Testing LDP vs PF106 developer I decided to try a different brand of papers than my usual Ilford products. Bergger Prestige Variable Contrast CB Warm Glossy is a heavy weight (280 gsm) Chlorobromide fiber based paper with a white base. The manufacturer touts it has six grades of contrast with a high […]

Film Processing Guide

I created this card to help with film processing. I practice Steve Sherman’s minimal agitation technique with diluted Pyrocat HD and usually Ilford FP4+ film. The times and periods reflected on the card are designed to help me create negatives that print well on Ilfords MGFB Warmtone papers with a #2 filter. The chart is […]