Cooper Creek Trout Stocking Point

After an early morning hike along the Appalachian Trail I decided to follow Highway 60 up past Suches, GA to find a fishing spot I had heard about. Cooper Creek is stocked with trout and is a favorite spot for campers at the Cooper Creek WMA campground. The river runs along Hwy 60 so no […]

fallen tree at preacher rock small Fallen Tree at Preacher Rock

I had visited Preacher Rock on a previous excursion and tried to make some interesting images but yet failed due to haze and glare so common in the Blue Ridge moutains. So I returned early one morning to try again. It was a bit cold at sunrise but the morning unfolded to a nice 50-ish […]

First time Pyrocat HD

I had a couple of shots to develop from a hike in January. A nice fallen tree near Preacher Rock on the Appalachian Trail near Suches, Georgia, and a spot along the Cooper river near Suches as well. I decided it was time to see what all the fuss is about Pyro negatives and FP4. […]