Fernbank Museum Spiral Staircase

The family and I visited the Fernbank Museum to view the internationally decorated Christmas trees. The trees were nice but I am always on the lookout for photo opportunities. And when a Spiral staircase presents it self you should photograph it. You should also try differing angles, up and down the stairs. All of these were shot and processed on an iPhone 5.



And my Favorite – in Photos app, black and white, Noir setting, square crop. fernbank

Sope Creek


sopecreek-15-1aContinuing my self assignments I have been searching for locations nearby where I can experiment and learn once again. I had found a website of North Georgia hiking trails and found one location very near by. I even had some old ruins and several miles of trails through the woods. I took my son along to get him out of the house. He came in handy as an assistant both in scouting and carrying the heavy gear.  While I had set out to shoot the ruins I found many more interesting shots along the creek.


These 3 stone stacks were interesting but in a difficult location to shoot. The orange color of the water is from mid afternoon filtered sunlight through brown leaves. Always remember to shoot subjects from different angles. Below is a wide angle shot of the river. There are so many potential rocks to shoot from I will likely revisit this location after rain and various times of year.sopecreek_9b

The ruins gave me a bit of trouble. There was a lot of sun flare and the dead trees seemed to add clutter to the image I wanted to create. I may reshoot these in the spring.


connor  My Assistant and Son