Close To Home – Serendipity Teepee

After a relatively successful trip to Tallulah I decided try to captures some color near by. There is a pine tree near my neighborhood that is a good candidate to explore the classic tree on a hill shot. The skies were blue and clear the leaves on other trees nearby a warm orange. I shot about 8 frames and realized there was nothing really interesting about the tree. So I got back in my car and went in search of other scenic areas close to home. I went a couple of places I thought might have potential but the sun was now too bright or the settings would be better late in the day.

On the way home I decided to pull into a local nature park and take a walk in the woods. As soon as I parked I saw it. Continue reading →

First Assignment – Tallulah Gorge GA

The leaves are a little late turning colors around here so I decided to go up to the mountains in North GA to shoot some fall scenery. We had hiked Tallulah Gorge over the summer so I new it would be a likely spot for some fall color and water shots. I got up around 6:00 a.m. and drove to Tallulah. I arrived around 7:30 and went to a spot with an overlook and a country store. I took a few photos here  but the light was not right yet. I did get an interesting shot of the store which I converted to black and white

Tallulah Gorge Store, GA Nov 2014 - Converted from color

Tallulah Gorge Store, GA Nov 2014 – Converted from color

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Starting Again

In my early twenties I bought my first “real” camera and used it to shoot pictures of my new car. I was not wealthy by any means and could not afford to spend a bunch of money on film and processing.  As I hung out at photo stores I saw how inexpensive black and white film and processing was and set out to learn more. I became a black and white enthusiast and did a good bit of street and urban photography. I learned to process it myself from film to print. I even sold a few images.  Continue reading →