The pursuit of a creative life of a photographer can be a long and arduous path with many twists and turns for the practitioner of this art form and craft. For some the road is straight forward and a means to earn a living, while for others it is a journey on which there are many starts and stops or changes in direction.  Some follow down the paths marked by others who chronicled their adventure, while others seek less traveled alleys and even make new discoveries or find forgotten methods. For each of us who label ourselves “PHOTOGRAPHER” the journey is unique and highly personal.  There are many roads that lead to failure and self doubt, but sometimes a magical combination of light and subjects, are captured to our satisfaction. Our toil is one of unexplained passion which drives us to seek the next great image and may not always be appreciated by others than those closest to us. The creative’s life is often solitary and reflective, seeking to interpret or preserve the world around us. If you are reading this you are likely on the creative path.

This blog is about my journey and the discoveries I make along the way. There will be many deviations from the normal path and occasionally a decent image to share. There are so many variations of materials, chemistry, and process that I hope to explore and document for the next generation of adventurers who are discovering the “Joy of Photography” both with film and digital tools. My goal is to help others see down the road a bit and to know that they are not alone in their desire to create or try something new.

I hope you enjoy what you see and read. If you have questions,  feel free to ask though my contact page or use the comment section on a post if in regards to that particular image or topic. If you find something particularly pleasing or informative,  please use the share buttons to tell your friends about my work and site. Thank you for visiting.


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